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Our proven weight management programs and quality assured nutritional products have helped thousands of patients achieve their weight loss goals — but, more importantly, improve their health and happiness.

Robard’s safe and effective weight management programs help you lose weight while learning lifelong healthy habits and realizing long-term weight maintenance through nutrition, behavior, and exercise re-education. While we do not offer our programs or products directly to dieters, we work with a widespread network of physicians, hospital systems and clinics that will be able to provide these services to you in either a medical or non-medical facility, depending on your individual needs.

Medical vs. Non-Medical Weight Loss Programs

The first step towards your new, healthier lifestyle is finding the weight loss program that’s best for you. Consider the following support systems:

  Medical Non-Medical
Weight loss goal > 40 pounds to lose < 40 pounds to lose
Average weight loss per week 3-5 pounds 1-3 pounds
Support session type Weekly group and individual Individual
Source of nutrition during weight loss Meal replacements Meal replacements and protein supplements with grocery foods
Monitored by Medical professionals Weight management counselor
Appropriate for individuals with type 2 diabetes and/or obesity related comorbidities, such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides Yes Yes

Success Stories

Jim Carpenter weighed 518 pounds when he started Robard’s NutriMed® Weight Loss Program in October 2011. Twenty months later, people who have not seen him in a while aren’t sure if it’s really him.

Sisters Eileen and Katelyn Godfrey made their successful weight loss journey a family affair.

Julie Roth lost over 200 pounds utilizing Robard’s New Direction System® program.

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