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All Robard products meet the Federal Code of Regulation requirements for Good Manufacturing Practices and NLEA/DSHEA labeling of Food Products and Dietary Supplements. The FDA conducts regular inspections and independent inspections are also conducted to validate that all aspects of production are performed at a level to assure optimal product quality. Our company maintains third party certification as part of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) through the Safe Quality Foods (SQF) program.

The nutritional food products provided by Robard utilize only high quality ingredients which are tested for safety, nutritional content and functional application. All vendors must provide official documentation to certify their products. In addition, internal testing and inspections are conducted to evaluate and approve all ingredients and finished products throughout the manufacturing process.

We specialize in providing products that contain high quality protein with controlled levels of carbohydrate and fat, formulated to allow for versatility and high consumer acceptance. Vendor Specifications and Certificates of Analysis along with strict product formulation and manufacturing assure that product label quantities are achieved. Detailed product sampling is conducted during production and testing is performed on each lot to approve all functional, organoleptic and food safety aspects for release of finished products for shipment to our customers.

Our products are utilized nationally as part of comprehensive weight management programs that are based on sound nutritional practices. Programs incorporating these items are determined and implemented by the professional staff of the independent facilities.

We are proud to provide supplements that have been well received within the consumer and medical weight management community for nearly 40 years. We stand behind the quality of our products and are pleased to provide both technical and marketing support to our clients.


Alexandria Anderson

QA Manager

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A Division of Food Sciences Corporation

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