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Make a real difference for your patients.

Offer a medical obesity treatment program they can count on.

Most obese patients have tried one diet after another. But with the right approach and the right support, they will discover that weight loss is achievable and sustainable.

Robard’s complete, flexible solutions make it easy for your team to seamlessly implement proven medically supervised obesity treatment programs, such as our New Direction® Weight Management System.

Combined with our proprietary, scientifically designed meal replacement products and extensive resources for healthcare providers, these programs help patients make meaningful improvements in their BMI and overall health.

New Direction Weight Management System

This complete nutritional food replacement program is designed to help obese patients lose weight safely, quickly, and sustainably. There are two primary options: A very-low-calorie diet (VLCD) for those with a BMI >30 (or greater than 27 if there are other comorbid heath conditions), and a low-calorie diet (LCD) for those with a BMI >25.

New Direction includes specific medical, diabetic, and bariatric surgery protocols, and involves four phases:  Screening, Reducing, Adapting and Sustaining

Patients on New Direction’s VLCD typically reach ketosis 3-5 days into the program.

Exclusive New Direction Program customers get free access to MyHealthyJourney – a mobile app and digital solution that empowers patients to securely journal their meals exercise, hydration, weight and message coaches.

Why is New Direction trusted by leading healthcare institutions?

  • Proven treatment for obesity without drugs
  • Aligns with care quality goals
  • Efficient implementation (60 days) and ongoing support, including marketing services
  • Ongoing staff training and expert marketing support during and after the launch
  • Exclusive New Direction educational events and conferences
  • Extensive patient education materials
  • Considered part of a comprehensive treatment plan for diseases including diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and sleep apnea
  • Protein source: high-quality dairy, not soy
  • Patients learn and adopt healthy eating and lifestyle habits for lifelong results

Help your team succeed with our unique level of support.

Robard offers you and your staff all the assistance needed to implement and maintain an obesity treatment program with minimal time and effort.


Comprehensive and ongoing staff training, education, and hands-on support


Flexible, customized programs


Delicious, scientifically designed products


Quick implementation – get up and running in 60 days


Proven approach yields substantial increases in revenue

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A mobile app for patient logging and provider dashboard

With our well-developed programs and our all-inclusive support,
Robard is the last obesity treatment partner your team will ever need.

*Disclaimer: Results based on Patient data from a Large Managed Healthcare Network and an Accredited Weight Management Center utilizing Robard products. Results may vary.

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