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[b]As promised, you can download your free White Paper [url=]here[/url].[/b] Obesity treatment strategies that support obese patients in following a healthy meal plan while implementing focused interventions is critical for immediate and long-term success. This is also true of patients who suffer from food addiction. Patients need help to refrain from eating their selected addicted food choices. No doubt this is not an easy task but an important goal to be discussed and focused on early in treatment. We can help.   [url=]Robard[/url]’s proven [url=]Very Low Calorie Diet programs[/url], complemented with ongoing medical monitoring and nutritional, behavioral and exercise education, helps fulfill these goals. Arming patients with time-tested evidence based skills to manage their impulses, such as recording their food and regularly exercise, are necessary components of a comprehensive treatment strategy. Let’s embrace this real complex food addiction phenomena by remaining compassionate, persistent and patient so we can continue to serve our patients with the best support and interventions available. To learn more, [url=]click here to request further information[/url], reach us at (800) 222-9201, or email [][/email].   [b]What would you like to do now?[/b] [url=]Go to the Robard Homepage?[/url] [url=][/url][url=]Request samples and more information?[/url] [url=]Review the Clinical Justification for Treating Obesity?[/url] [url=]Sign up for the Robard Blog?[/url]
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