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Robard’s experienced Business Development Managers and training staff provide complimentary onsite (when eligible) and web-based training to every customer for the life of our relationship. Your dedicated Business Development Manager (BDM) leverages their extensive knowledge and Robard’s broad library of tools and materials to successfully implement an obesity management program and help grow your business.


Robard will be your full service implementation and business growth consultant. Your Business Development Manager utilizes our step-by-step implementation and training guides to assist you with creating an implementation and business plan. Robard’s staff eases the implementation process by employing the use of our field-tested business development tools and resources to train your existing staff to run your obesity management program. You can begin seeing your first obesity patient within 60 days.

Medical Protocols

Robard's comprehensive Bariatric Medical Protocols, developed by leaders in the weight management field, guide physicians in the treatment of obese patients. Coexisting condition-specific medical protocols, covering type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, high cholesterol and kidney disease, are also provided. Also available are videos and scripts to help you introduce your new program to new or current patients.

Staff Training

Materials & Resources

Robard’s extensive staff training library includes manuals, role responsibility outlines, training kits, phone inquiry and outreach scripts, tracking forms, archived education videos and audio files, meal plans, food diaries, and more, all to increase efficiencies, effectiveness and profits.

Tutorial Program

Robard’s online Staff Training Tutorials, designed by experts in the field, enables your clinicians and office staff to learn independently from relevant profession-specific tutorials. Robard’s exclusive online Tutorial Program reduces resources needed for training new staff, increases staff effectiveness and solidifies program consistency. Successful completion of the program earns staff a role-specific Robard Certification.


Informative webinars, staff training conference calls, and annual conferences are offered regularly for Robard customers.

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