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Michelle Haendiges, MD

Haendiges & Associates, P.C.

Dr. Haendiges believes that obesity treatment is the most rewarding thing she’s done. She believes that patients want real help, and that the physician is the best person to do it. In this video, she talks about the ease of implementing a program from Robard.

Brady Steineck, MD

Aultman Weight Management

Dr. Steineck asks a very important question: When you look at the majority of the medical issues related to obesity that physicians deal with, why wouldn’t you want to take care of the problem? In this clip, he says that the behavioral, exercise and nutritional aspects of the Robard program are the parts he really enjoys.

Aaron Wenzel, MD

Bariform Medical Weight Loss

When choosing Robard, Dr. Wenzel wanted an option that was above and beyond the traditional way of doing weight loss medicine. He found that Robard's business model bridged the gap between costs, frequency of visits, education, and product. "Having a team on your side to offer support in areas where maybe you're not an expert is a huge asset," he says. "It’s nice to have a team of professionals that can help walk you through things they don’t teach you in medical school."