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Jim Carpenter

When Jim Carpenter enrolled in the NutriMed program, he weighed 518 pounds. He was suffering from congestive heart failure, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, stage one kidney failure, neuropathy of the legs and feet, water retention, bad knees, and balance issues. He was unable to walk to his mailbox. What he’s accomplished since joining the program is nothing short of inspirational.

Julie Roth

Julie Roth weighed 348 pounds when she started her weight loss journey. In 20 months, she lost roughly 200 pounds on the New Direction System. Now, she says, she is healthier at age 38 than she was at 18.

Eileen and Katelyn Godfrey

Sisters Eileen and Katelyn Godfrey made their weight loss journey a family affair. Together, they’ve lost a combined 165 pounds to date. Recently, they ran their first 5K – something they thought that they could never do – and now they have their sights set on a 10K!