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Territory Sales Managers & Business Development Managers

Every Robard customer receives the support of a dedicated team of experts to help you optimize efficiencies, deliver quality care, increase census and retention, and maximize profit. Your Territory Sales Manager (TSM) is fully dedicated to your day-to-day business growth and success. Your Business Development Manager (BDM) will assist you with all of your staff training and education — both remotely and onsite — while helping you to maximize your return on investment and key metrics of success. In combination, your BDM and TSM use their skill and industry experience to provide you with innovative and competitive new programs, marketing solutions, and operational assistance that will build your business’ profitability.


  • Mario Testa

    Mario Testa

    VP of Sales

  • Marcia Proffitt

    Marcia Proffitt

    Director of Sales

Territory Sales Managers

  • Amy Achey

    Amy Achey

    Territory Sales Manager

  • Marty Davis

    Marty Davis

    Territory Sales Manager

  • Brian Lenz

    Brian Lenz

    Territory Sales Manager

  • Tim Nordeen

    Tim Nordeen

    Territory Sales Manager

    (800) 222-9201

  • Chris Nucera

    Chris Nucera

    Territory Sales Manager

  • Jay Satinsky

    Jay Satinsky

    Territory Sales Manager

Business Development Managers

  • MJ Matrazzo

    MJ Matrazzo

    Business Development Manager

Medical Advisory Panel

  • John Hernried

    John Hernried

    Medical Director

  • Christopher Case

    Christopher Case

    Medical Director

  • Peter Jones

    Peter Jones

    Medical Director

  • Phillip Snider

    Phillip Snider

    Medical Director

  • Valerie Sutherland

    Valerie Sutherland

    Medical Director