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Robard Corporation offers multiple Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCD) and Low Calorie Diets (LCD) to treat overweight and/or obese patients and their related chronic conditions. Our New Direction System®, is a clinically proven, multidisciplinary obesity treatment program that provides substantial business growth potential and positive patient outcomes.
The three-year projection of growth, revenues, and expenses is based on Robard's New Direction Program.
  • 150 patients in Year One
  • An average length of stay of 16 weeks in Weight Loss phase
  • 73% of patients completing five (5) weeks of Adapting back to grocery foods
  • 23% of patients completing 26 weeks in Maintenance
NOTE: For the purposes of this analysis, Robard based these estimates on several key accounts located in different Metropoliatan areas. This is only an estimate; your demographics and general market conditions may generate different results. Send me a potential revenue analysis.