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[b]Thank you for your interest! [/b] You can watch Part One of our video series on How to Speak with Patients about Obesity, “What Do You Say?,” below. To watch the final two parts of the series, please follow the links below the video! [vimeo]150193347[/vimeo] Watch ‘[b][url=]How to Speak with Patients about Obesity, Part Two: Different Approaches[/url][/b]’ Watch ‘[b][url=]How to Speak with Patients about Obesity, Part Three Getting Into Alignment[/url][/b]’   [url=]Robard Corporation[/url] helps healthcare professionals to establish turnkey, [url=]medically-supervised weight management programs[/url] to treat the disease of obesity and its related [url=]comorbid conditions[/url], such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. With on-site implementation and training assistance to get you and your staff started in 60 days, our proven programs and nutritional products improve patient retention, compliance and outcomes while enhancing overall revenues. To learn more, [url=]click here to request further information[/url], reach us at (800) 222-9201 or email [][/email].   [b]What would you like to do now?[/b] [url=]Go to the Robard Homepage?[/url] [url=]Request samples and more information?[/url] [url=]Learn more about our complimentary services for Customers?[/url] [url=]Sign up for the Robard Blog?[/url]
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